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Coneco is currently regarded as the leading company in the market for control technology. We have become the market leader starting from scratch, with our only dream being to become as good as we can be. We have taken the opportunity to thoroughly get to grips with our subject and to combine a passion for the field with a passion for people. In this way, we give everyone the best we have to offer. Read more

People first

A human climate

At Coneco we have created a climate in which people give the best of what they have, because we give them the opportunity to develop. Read more


The courage to share knowledge

You have to walk your talk. Coneco is unique in annually investing 3.5% of its turnover in knowledge and innovation and sharing it with the market. Read more


Success is all about repetition

We know how to create success. Contributing to success in business for our customers again and again; that is where the opportunities lie. Read more


Being there even when things are not going well

If something goes wrong, we don’t pass the buck. Because ultimately it is not about how much it costs, it’s about the result. Read more


Leading the way without being the leader

Coneco leads the way. We demand corresponding levels of performance and progress of ourselves, again and again. Read more

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