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Complete systems

Guaranteeing the entire process without charging for additional work

Coneco is competent in all the regular disciplines in the world of measurement and control technology. Thanks to the open manner in which we work with our customers, partners and suppliers, we are able to provide a complete guarantee for the operation of complete systems. All based on a fixed price, with a guarantee that no additional work will be charged afterwards. Read more

Compact customer teams

Compact when we can be, big when we have to be

We can guarantee short lines of communication and fast processes. Our customer teams are self-managing and compact, but always with Coneco in the background. Read more

Direction and responsibility

The process is the star, we are the director

By overseeing every component, we can spare our customers from surprises and setbacks. That’s why we like to be the director. Read more

Coneco wants to realize a change in the world of measurement and control technology. A change that leads to a fundamental improvement of the climate – and sustainability performances of buildings. Rather than treating the symptoms, our method tackles your problems from the base. We offer a full service solution and you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Priva and Coneco

The cooperation between Coneco and Priva is as old as Coneco itself. In the interaction between the two companies, Priva shares knowledge with Coneco and Coneco adds experiences from the field to the development of new Priva products. In this way, each gives the other and its customers the best they have to offer in the field of control technology.


We begin by converting the project data into clear control descriptions and control cabinet schemes. Our project leader monitors quality and technology.


Our software engineers convert the control description into user-friendly Priva software. We customize software for each project.


Our electrotechnical engineers create clear electrotechnical schemes in Eplan. Together with the circuit diagram this provides a comprehensive overview of the installations.

Systems integration

Systems integration is about linking together different systems for climate control and lighting. The result is an optimal system with a single operating layer.

Control panels

Working together with our partners we integrate Priva DDC controllers and modules, power supply, motors and switchgear into a control panel according to all requirements.

Field equipment

Coneco supplies and installs equipment including temperature sensors, control valves, moisture sensors, pressure sensors and servo controls for air valves, thermostats and smoke alarms.

Work site inspection

By performing a work site inspection, we help our customer and ourselves to make preparations which are essential to the proper running of a project.

Air and hydronic balancing

By harmonizing all the components with one another in the field and determining the in and outflow of air and water for each room, Coneco can guarantee the entire process.


Working with partners, Coneco provides the complete cabling of relevant installations and field components as well as electrical testing of cable systems.


The first phase of commissioning: all components are thoroughly tested and the control software is loaded and used for the first time.

Functional testing

The second phase of commissioning: the functional testing of the software together with the customer, based on the design.

Service and monitoring

Coneco monitors the output of the system based on seasonal cycles. In addition, there are various contracts for software-based maintenance.

Reasons for continuing working with us

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