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Ongoing improvement

Doing things better is an endless process

Coneco is constantly in motion; because standing still would threaten our position and because improvement is an ongoing process. Coneco is a learning organization. What we learn, we like to communicate. And we are just as happy learning from others. Everything we do, we want to do better. Every part of our approach is subject to change every day. Becoming as good as we can be together – that is where our focus lies. Read more

Keeping promises

Crystal-clear and honest

Coneco considers the common interest. Delivering what you have agreed and keeping on going until the customer is satisfied, without charging for additional work; it’s as simple as that. Read more


We're always here for you

Service means you stick around after the project is finished. Because we give guarantees on the operation of complete systems, we will also be there if something goes wrong. Read more

Employee development

A learning organization

At Coneco, we transfer knowledge to those who need it: our employees. A learning organization adds value: to people, to customers and partners – and to the market. Read more

Stories from customers and partners

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