Coneco and Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR policy

Being the leading company in the market for control technology Coneco also takes into account the social impact of its business activities and processes. We do not consider CSR as a separate project, but we are constantly looking for ways to improve our business operations and to affect human and environmental consequences positively. This not only applies to our own business operations, but indirectly also applies to the business activities of our customers and users. Applying the Coneco Plus method we are, together with our customers and users, working on a fundamental improvement of the climate and sustainability performances of buildings.

Safety, health and environment are essential parts of our business operations. We secure them in our organization among others by working in accordance with the applicable VCA regulations and the guidelines from our quality system according to the ISO Standard 9001:2015. We strive for quality, safety and health for all our employees and our other stakeholders. Our objectives are defined in Coneco’s CSR mission and vision.

Coneco CSR mission

Our objective is a healthy business operation, through ongoing improvement of our performances, through progress and innovation, and through our Coneco Plus method. We are thus working towards our ambition: becoming the best control technology partner in The Netherlands. At the same time we aim to achieving a balance between the societal, environmental and economic aspects of our business operations. In that way we are both working on improving the sustainability of our organization and on a more sustainable society.

Coneco’s ambition to be the best control technology partner in The Netherlands has consequences for the cooperation with our stakeholders. Together with our suppliers at one end of the chain and our customers and users at the other end, we create a more sustainable world. With each other we are responsible for the world around us, both now and in the future.

Coneco CSR vision

In the world of measurement and control technology we like to lead the way regarding innovation and development. Through Coneco Plus we realize a change that leads to a fundamental improvement of the climate and sustainability performances of buildings. Coneco Plus is a method which guarantees the optimal performance of buildings through monitoring, data analysis, commissioning and performance assurance. That leads to better comfort for users, less energy consumption and maintenance, and a reduction of C02 emissions. By embedding the Coneco Plus method in our processes, we create a more sustainable world together with our customers and users.

Balance between People, Planet and Profit

In the context of our Corporate Social Responsibility we use the Triple P principle: People, Planet and Profit. We strive for the right balance between the social and societal aspects (People), the environmental aspects (Planet) and the economic aspects (Profit) of our business operations.

In a recent internal study we identified the current status of CSR within Coneco and our main CSR issues, based on this Triple P principle. The study clearly indicates: at Coneco people come first. The most important results of this study form the continual basis in embedding the CSR policy in our organization.

If you would like to learn more about our CSR policy, please contact Mrs Diane van Zwet, Director at Coneco.

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